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Can u start a tube light without a starter?


8 Electrical Engineering 26914

what are the ratings of sockets?


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all ways answer this question as initially i was, but now i
am comfortable only if u can hide ur nervousness.but if u
are terribly nervous then say yes. never lie if u cannot
control the truth

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Question { Indeco, 4665 }

what is the d/f b/w iverter & converter.


In initial stages of Power elex only AC-DC converters i.e.
rectifiers were invented and in loose talks rectifiers were
called as converters and from here they got the name
converter. And this is why inverter(antonym of converter)
are called so, as they do the the inverse job of a
So converter: AC-DC
inverter : DC-AC

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Question { 11128 }



3 phase power is the most economical solution.
Firstly as the number of phases increase accordingly the
number of conductors, insulators etc will increase which
will be costlier. And secondly as number of phases increases
power does not increase linearly i.e. total power supplied
in N phase system is not equal to N(power supplied by single
phase).It is their vector addition. Power v/s phase graph
will take a shape like the saturation curve of transformer
core. So at higher phases cost wise input is high but power
wise output is not that high.
That's why 3phase system is the optimum solution

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Question { Jindal, 24826 }

What is mean by PID controller? And what is its Long form?


PID controller has three controlers in it
1) proportional control- control signal U(s) directly
proportional to error E(s). just like drivers controling its
vehicle speed...jitna desired speed se variation uyna jjyada
accelerator ghumana
2)integral control- U(s) is proportional to integraof errors
uptil time T. i.e. U(s) is changed not only according to the
previous value of error but it changes with the summation of
the errors found earlier
3)derivative control- u(s) directly proportional to the rate
of change of error i.e. if rate of change of E is hhigh then
U is high and viceversa

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Question { 7317 }



Hysteresis loss: The area enclosed by the B-H curve of the
magnetic material is the hysteresis loss. Hysteresis loss is
the power loss that occurs due to magnetization and
demagnetization of a magnetic material

Eddy current:Energy loss due to undesired eddy currents
circulating in a magnetic core. The circulating eddies of
current create induced magnetic fields that oppose the
change of the original magnetic field due to Lenz's law,
causing repulsive or drag forces between the conductor and
the magnet

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Question { Power Grid, 12745 }

What is the direction of rotation of blades in a table fan
and in a ceiling fan ?


ans#4 is correct.
Reason behind this lies in the question which part is
actually rotating in the motor.
It is stator in ceiling fan and rotor in table fan.
Now it becomes analogous to opening a water bottle with
threaded cap. keep the bottle steady and rotate the cap
clockwise to open it or keep the cap steady and rotate the
bottle in counter clockwise direction

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Question { 4799 }

In Ferantti Effect Receiving end voltage is greater than
sending end voltage but how it is possible. I know its all
about charging current but give me some more detailed


ans#1 is absolutely correct.
magnitude of voltage difference is related to Q
and phase angle difference is related to P.
since in long transmission line shunt capacitance come into
play which supply Q
vector summation of V(sending)and I(charging)*Z(line) gives
V(reciving)note that Vr and Ic are 90deg out of phase
because of shunt capacitance comming into play

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Question { 9175 }

what is the diff. between power transformer & distribution


apart from above written differences. the major difference
b/w poer and distribution transformer is that power Xmer is
Step up Xmer and distribution Xmer is step down Xmer

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Question { 2734 }

what type of euse we should use ?
1- High resistance & low temperature
2- High temperature low resistance


high resistance and low melting point material must be used
as fuse because, a fuse (from the Latin "fusus" meaning to
melt) is a type of "sacrificial over-current" protection
device. Its essential component is a metal wire or strip
that melts when too much current flows, which interrupts the
circuit in which it is connected.
So as high current/ over-current flows through the fuse due
to high resistance high (I^2*R)power loss will take place
thus generating heat in the wire and the wire will melt
quickly as its melting point is low
Material used in fuse wire
Fuse wire is a thin wire made of different types of alloys
of chromium, aluminum, iron, nickel etc. The fuse wire
alloys are:
* Aluchrom alloy
* Cronifer alloy

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Question { 3821 }

Explain the operation of damper winding


damper windings are similar to unshorted squirrel cage
rotor. Current is induced in them by BLV and force is
generated by BIL which is used to damp out the unwanted
oscillations caused during hunting in synchronous m/c

is damper windng used in IM??

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Question { SSC, 3017 }

Which element has power dissipated in it when the source is
removed ?


any element(passive) that stores energy, both inductor and
capacitor stores energy one in form of MF and other in form
of EF. so both can dissipate power when source is removed
but the circuit shall remain connected

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Question { 2709 }

Latching current is slightly less than ?


haha i think the interviewer just tested u by asking a wrong
latching current is slightly greater than holding current

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Question { 2219 }

Which of the following plant has less plant factor ?
-Pumped storage


plant factor= actual power supplied/maximum plant rating
I dont know about pumped storage but among the 3 i would say
hydro has the lowest plant factor as power suplied depends
on water inflow which varies with season and so plant rating
should be high to meet power generation during rainy season
and produces low power in summer season

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Question { 3531 }

At no load the PF of an alternator
-Zero Lagging
-Zero leading
-None of the above


At no load Synchronous Impedence of the alternator is
responsilble for creating angle difference. So it should be
zero lagging like inductor

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Question { 2317 }

Given a ckt,the max power dissipated in the load ZL ?


maximum power transfer takes place in any ckt when load is
equal to the equivalent thevenin's impedence of that ckt.
But in such situation efficiency of the circuit is highly

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