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how we can differentiate a motor and a generator just by a

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how we can differentiate a motor and a generator just by a glance?..

Answer / virendra1981

IN motor Mechanical power is taken out from the Rotor shaft
by applying a power to the Field winding , while in the
Generator by the primover the rotor shaft is driven & power
is taken from the Field winding.

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how we can differentiate a motor and a generator just by a glance?..

Answer / iamdon

Not in all cases but we can surely say in some cases.

Generators are always handled by persons having experience
in the field of electrical machines.It is generally
established at dust free places.So it MAY BE SEMI OPENED
like structure.(Remember the generators hired for Indian
marriage ceremony.You can able to see the rotating parts).
Motors are handled by persons from all walks of life and
established without concerning the dust level in the
vicinity. For running a motor,one need not require a
knowledge of electrical machines.Have you ever faced a
situation when motor seller asked you: Do you know about
electrical machines? before selling you a motor.

So motor construction is ALWAYS FULLY CLOSED to ensure
safety and proper protection aganist dust during its rugged

We can distinguish between motor and generator on the
appearance respectively provided motor is not opened for
repair purposes and generated is not newely purchased.

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how we can differentiate a motor and a generator just by a glance?..

Answer / t.swetha

In general motor is of the closed construction. And the
electrical supply is given to it whether ac or dc supply.
In labs for easy identification a brake drum is connected
to the shaft of the motor

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how we can differentiate a motor and a generator just by a glance?..

Answer / sundar

Motor will drive some other loads with the help of
belt,chains etc., But generator will be driven by some
other loads

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how we can differentiate a motor and a generator just by a glance?..

Answer / amrinder

theres a prime mover in generator . for eg.. a diesel
engine in diesel generator. so u can always makeout.

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