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What is reactance? what is the function in Auto transformer
and why high leakage reactance?

What is reactance? what is the function in Auto transformer and why high leakage reactance?..

Answer / zan

Reactance is a circuit element's opposition to an
alternating current, caused by the build up of electric or
magnetic fields in the element due to the current. Both
fields act to produce counter EMF that is proportional to
either the rate of change (time derivative), or
accumulation (time integral) of the current. In vector
analysis, reactance is the imaginary part of electrical
impedance, used to compute amplitude and phase changes of
sinusoidal alternating current going through the circuit
element. It is denoted by the symbol . The SI unit of
reactance is the ohm.

in case of auto transformer the windings of transformer
itself makes the reactance.

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