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What is Exitation voltage and Exitation current? What is
the function of these in Alternator?

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What is Exitation voltage and Exitation current? What is the function of these in Alternator?..

Answer / iamdon

Exitation voltage is the voltage required to establish the
working flux in the air gap.It is DC in nature and applied
across the field winding which is generally placed on the
rotor in the case of alternator.

With the application of exitation voltage, current strats
flowing through short circuited rotor windings,this current
is termed as exitation current.

Alternator works on the principle of magnetic locking
between stator and rotor fields.The exitation provide the
neccessary rotor field,without which alternator would not
convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

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What is Exitation voltage and Exitation current? What is the function of these in Alternator?..

Answer / m tashfeen abbasi

excitation used in alternater for armature excite .dc voltage applied for excitation which is excitation voltage ,and current passes throught in armature which is current.

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