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What is the fundamental cause of transients in power system?

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What is the fundamental cause of transients in power system?..

Answer / iamdon

A power system consists of many circuit elements which can
be approximately modeled as a complicated network(grid) of
Sources, Inductors,capacitors,Resistors etc.The inductor and
capacitor stores energy in their magnetic and electric fields

Whenever a power system deviates from its normal operating
condition(due to faualts,perturbations,switching etc)the
redistribution of stored engery takes place.This is because
configuration of circuit changes considerably from pre
perturbation to post perturbation condition.

The redistribution of energy is not an instantaneous
phenomenon.It takes some time(order of micro or milli sec
depending upon the time constants of circuit elements)
to redistribute the stored energy in circuit elements, after
perturbation,which is described by transients in power

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What is the fundamental cause of transients in power system?..

Answer / tamil

switching,short circuit

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What is the fundamental cause of transients in power system?..

Answer / prasad

simple answer..Machine safety & Human safety under all

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