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how preparing for barbending schedule ? how to preparig for
two leged stirrups?

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how preparing for barbending schedule ? how to preparig for two leged stirrups?..

Answer / arif qureshi

first take clear span dimension.
bottom bar length = clear span+Ld of the bottom bar+2d.

where Ld=development length of the bar
2d = 2 X dia of bottom bar (extra length added for
elongation of bar due to bending).
Same formula is used for the top bar length.

Curtail bar length = Clear span -0.2(clear span)
Stirrups length = (((B+D)-4Cover)+ 10d)*2
Where B = width of beam
D = Depth of Beam
d = dia of bar used for stirrups.

Weigth per Meter length =d*d/162
Where d= dia of bar

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how preparing for barbending schedule ? how to preparig for two leged stirrups?..

Answer / hiten patel


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