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what perpos use cepacitors in motars,fans,lights,and LT

what perpos use cepacitors in motars,fans,lights,and LT panal..

Answer / ankush miglani 09718151073

dear ac contains +ve and -ve cycles now in wat direction
fan will move.
the capacitor increases the amplitude of +ve cycle by
giving it the stored magnetic energy and fan starts
rotating in +ve directioni.e anticlockwise

do one thing change the connections of capacitor and wat
will u see is tha t the fan starts rotating in opposite

do one more thing remove the capacitor and make the
connections complete without capacitor u see the fan will
not rotates in any direction now take a rod and rotate the
fan manualy in any direction the fan starts rotating

in tubelights it is used toblock the dc component so as tto
avoid noise

in m/cs used as starter

in lt panels used to improve the power factor

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