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Name the standard sand for concrete tests

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Name the standard sand for concrete tests..

Answer / p.s.naresh


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Name the standard sand for concrete tests..

Answer / sathish

enure is used for testing of cement not for concrete

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Name the standard sand for concrete tests..

Answer / arjun maini

Standard sand shall 100% pass through 2mm IS SIEVE and retained on 90 micron IS SIEVE. It may be obtained from ENNORE,TAMILNADU.

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Name the standard sand for concrete tests..

Answer / mahesh


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Name the standard sand for concrete tests..

Answer / avijit roy chowdhury

Wellgrade Coarse grain sand

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Name the standard sand for concrete tests..

Answer / imthiyaz khan

I think we use concrete for bonding, therefore we know that
concrete is good in compression and week in tension ,(for
this question the ans may be greater than 4.75 mm sand)

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