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What standards are used for earthing of field instruments?

What standards are used for earthing of field instruments?..

Answer / sam

The internal screen is always floating at the instrument.
This means we just put some heat shrink on it to seal it and
then tie it off inside the instrument and just let it lie
there. The overall screen (braiding surrounding the cable
just below the pvc outside)will be in contact with the gland
once you have installed the gland. On the gland thread you
install a copper gland ring and a red IP washer, and the
gland then are attached to the instrument. From the gland
ring you use a six mm bolt and nut with copper washers to
attached a small diameter earth wire (about 4 to 6mm is
fine). This earth wire is then attached to the outside of
the instrument at the earth connection point on it's
housing. Every instrument will have this earth connector on
the outside of it's housing. From there you attached another
earth wire to the earth boss nearby. This boss is normally
just a piece of round bar about 40mm in diameter and about
30mm long and tapped in the middle that is welded to the
structure close by, specially for this earthing of the
instruments. Again it is better to use copper washers. If no
boss is available you can use some other point on the
structure as well like a stainless steel cable tray for
instance but the earth boss should really be part of the design.
On the other side of the instrument cable at the RTU the
internal screen in attached the instrumentation clean earth.
The dirty earth is used only for electrical equipment.
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