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Cement Co-eff. in block 1:6, brick1:4 work?

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Cement Co-eff. in block 1:6, brick1:4 work?..

Answer / raks

because block is a made part of cement only,wher brick is
from clay hence for concrete block cement co-efficient less
than bricks.......

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Cement Co-eff. in block 1:6, brick1:4 work?..

Answer / vicky

it depends on size of block/brick
for 1 cum. of blockwork (1:6) (block size - 300X160X190mm)
you can use thumb rule i.e. 70% bricks & 30% mortar
means u have to take 30% of 1 cum. & adding 15% for wet
mortar means total 0.45 cum. mortar required, then u can
calculate the cement = 0.45/(1+6) = 0.064 cum.= 1.83 bags.

same as for brickwork

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