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Between rotating armature type and rotating field type
arrangements which one is adopted for large rated
alternators and DC generators.Why there is difference in
the choice?

Between rotating armature type and rotating field type arrangements which one is adopted for large..

Answer / iamdon

Large rated alternators are of rotating field type where as
DC genertors are of rotating armature type.The basic reason
behind different choice of arrangements is governed by
following factors.
INSULATION in the case of alternator and
COMMUTATION in the case of DC generator.

In the case of large alternators, more insulation is
required for large voltage generated in armature
winding.Being armature placed on stator,it is easier to
provide insulation for the stationary armature winding.Also
armature is placed on radially outer side, so we can put
more and more insulation(if required for higher voltage)in
the space avaliable.

In the case of DC generators,AC is generated in the
armature winding which is converted into DC, by means of
mechanical rectifier i.e, commutator.It is convenient to
adopt rotating commutator and fixed brush ararrangement for
collecting DC through brushes.So we need to place armature
winding on the rotor.

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