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whai is primary standard?

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / abdulkalim

In general Reference Standard are classified in to

1. Primary reference standard
2. Secondary reference standard/ Working standard

Primary reference standard:

These standard are the authentic substances with high
purity drug with critical characteristics which are
suitable for specific purpose only. It is provided through
official pharmacopeial agencies or authentic manufacturer.
Which have 100% pure durg substances.

Pharmacopeial Agencies: USPCRS, EPCRS, BPCRS
Authentic Manufacture: Standards supplied by
manufacturer/vendor which manufacture high purity
material/reagent which comprises ACS, HPLC grade,
Spectroscopic grade,IR grade,AR, etc.,
Ex: Merck, LGC-Prochem.

These are used for:

1. Standardization of Volumetric Solution.
2. Calibration standards used for calibration of anlytical

Secoundary Reference standard:

There are the substances used for substitute for official
Primary reference standard used for routine analysis by
standardizing against Primary reference standard.
This is even called as "Working Standard"

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / srikanth chowdary


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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / alpesh patel

Compound which is highly stable, easily available and
directly used for standardisation of volumetric solutions
or calibration of various instruments.

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / narasaiah aurobindo

It must be purity,and impurities are not exceed 0.02 to should not be hygroscopic and not oxidised by
air.under drying condition it will be stable.during the
storage condition its chemical structure should not be changed.

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / chaitu

primary standard is highly purifed and well characterized

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / vikram patil

Substance when dissociate gives exact amount of ion
equivalent to its molecular weight is called primary
stranded ...

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / ravi

Primary standard is a reagent which is very pure, representative of the number of moles the substance contains and easily weighed
Primary standards are typically used in .titration to determine an unknown concentration and in other analytical chemistry techniques. Primary standards are often used to make standard solutions.

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / reena

It is pure solution directly use for analysis it is also
called as stalk solution.

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / dr.pratap rasam

I would like to say that in addition to above all answers,
Primary standard should react with the substance
instantaneously and quantitatively i.e. stoichiometry
should be there.

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whai is primary standard?..

Answer / ankal reddy

it is the substance which is used for the standardisation of volumetric solutions

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