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why sphericle shaped vessele used for storage of petrol?

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why sphericle shaped vessele used for storage of petrol?..

Answer / kaushik

for equal ditribution of pressure

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why sphericle shaped vessele used for storage of petrol?..

Answer / giri

because spheres are having constant surface per unit area.
so distribution of preesures will b equal at all points.

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why sphericle shaped vessele used for storage of petrol?..

Answer / murthy

there are mainly two considerations before designing
storage vessel of flammable liquids.
(1)the temperature removal should be very fast,there is lot
of heat loss in spherical design,than tubular one,so heat
removal is more.
equilibrilium between vapor and liquid will shifted towards
liquid side when stored in spherical cylinders.
(2) requirement of inert gas for padding is greatly reduced
in case of spherical cylinders as vapor pressure of liquid
is reduced due to reason 1

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