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Why the design of electromechanical energy conversion
machines is based on the medium of conversion as megnetic
field not as electric field?

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Why the design of electromechanical energy conversion machines is based on the medium of conversio..

Answer / iamdon

This is because the force density on the bounding surface
is much greater in magnetic field as compared to electric

Technical data:
Force density in magnetic field=1000000 N/(m*m)
Force density in electric field=10 N/(m*m)

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Why the design of electromechanical energy conversion machines is based on the medium of conversio..

Answer / manisha goel

also in magnetic medium, voltage levels are not very high
and the devices of given power rating are smaller in size
and are economical. Energy storing capacity of the magnetic
field is much greater than almost 25,000 times than that of
the electric field.

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