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define the grain size analysis and what is the silt size?

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define the grain size analysis and what is the silt size?..

Answer / jitendra (jonu)

2micron to 75micron=silt and clay
75micron to 4.75micron=sand
4.75 to 800mm= graval

75 micron finer particle doing we are find
the silt size

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define the grain size analysis and what is the silt size?..

Answer / akshaya

There are various size of grain(sieve) used by IS code.
as 80mm, 40mm, 20mm, 10mm, 4.45mm, 2.36mm, 1.18mm,
600micron, 300micron, etc...
To determine the size of the grains the particles are
sieved in the sieve specified above. If the required amount
of material is retained in the sieve then, the size of the
material is the size of the sieve.

Generally the size of the silt is 0.06mm to 0.002mm

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