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what is LA CT PT panel?

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what is LA CT PT panel? ..

Answer / nishad

LA - lightnig arrester: it is use to protect the equpment /
system from dangerous atmospheric lightining.

CT - Current transformer:we can't talk load out put
directly to the meassuring equipmet from the load line. We
use CT for that purpose. It is useing for meassuring the
load current & other meassuring Data( Ampere, KW/KVA, PF
etc).In the cause of protection CT is very essential, such
as over load ( solid state OLR - CT through) Earth fault,
Differetial Protection etc.... WE need CT's servies in Both
LT / HT.
PT - potential transformer:It is also useing for meassuring
the voltage & other meassuring Data( KW/KVA, PF, HZ etc).In
the cause of protection PT is also very essential,such as
under voltage,over voltage, Under HZ, OVER HZ etc... we
can't take the reading directly from the line in cause of
HT so we are usein PT.WE need PT's servies in Both LT / HT.

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what is LA CT PT panel? ..

Answer / jariwala vishnu m.

LA - lightnig arrester
CT - Current transformer
PT - potential transformer
the panel from which all the above stated equipment are
controlled is LA CT PT panel.
with the help of this panel we can get data as well as
control the substation's equipment.

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what is LA CT PT panel? ..

Answer / dalip verma

with the help of this panel we can get data(HT unit
measurement, basiclly for HT use)

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