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2. Explain the four types of appraisal interview and
how they affect the way you manage the interview in Textile

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2. Explain the four types of appraisal interview and how they affect the way you manage the interv..

Answer / sumit

performance appraisal interview
productivity appraisal interview
suitability appraisal interview
activity appraisal interview

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2. Explain the four types of appraisal interview and how they affect the way you manage the interv..

Answer / raju

1. ordinary appraisal interview
2. special appraisal interview
3. very special appraisal interview
4. extra special appraisal interview

in textile mill ask the candidate to measure 5.75meter of cloth
2. ask him to cut it straight
3. askk him to fold it
4. ask him to pack it

please do not thank me. i feel it a pleasur e to help you

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