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Why not connect impeller shaft directly to motor shaft
bypassing the stuffing box?What is the purpose stuffing box?
Is there any pressure on the stuffing box?

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Why not connect impeller shaft directly to motor shaft bypassing the stuffing box?What is the purp..

Answer / djrock

There is a huge necessity of stuffing box between impeller side and motor side.
The stuffing box is mainly required to prevent the leakage of the pump at that place as this is the main region from where maximum leakage takes place. That is why you need to put some conventional packing or mechanical seal inside (sometimes or outside) the stuffing box. Otherwise the product (say water) being pumped can contaminate the function of the motor by easily entering into this.
If you need any further details you can contact me.

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Why not connect impeller shaft directly to motor shaft bypassing the stuffing box?What is the purp..

Answer / ravindra sethy

It is necessary to disengage the shaft during changing the
gear by pressing the clautch.If it is engaged forever,then
it is impossible to change the gear.So the impeller shaft
is connected to the motor shaft indirectly.

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