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Hero Honda Interview Questions
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How do you establish working relationships with new people?

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What is difference between "terms of payment" and "payment terms" Fields are available in vendor master purchasing view and accounting view respectively. System can take two differnt values for same vendor? why different values are maintained?

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What is the differance between negative dc voltage and positive dc voltage because some circuit uses -24,-5,-12,- 15,volt dc supply

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How we configure release in SAP MM ?

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What Is Fundamental Analysis?

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1)How to calculate HRA in Income tax 2)Kindly give me Item list applicable for Tax deduction with their Amt limit and section (Ie Lta,grautity)


Why the capacitor are connected in Delta(Three Phase) for power factor improvement ?

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1. What does mean of "PS" stand for Diff. CT class? 2. What is the formula of KW for 1Phase load inturms of voltag,current & P.F.?

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if our balance sheet will not matching so what i do ?

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dQ-dW=1 which of the law is obeyed by the equation

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what is accounting concept? explian in brief?

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what is marketing ?

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what is the difference between cold and hot spark plug? mention their place of use with justification?


what will happen when petrol pour into diesel engine?

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Un-Answered Questions

what is the difference between changer, converter and transformer?


How can the management breakup the salary of employee(if salary Rs.10000/-) which % they calculate the Basic,T.A,D.A,H.RA.and e.t.c.


What is Top-hat transform?


The Purest form of water can be obtained from:- I) a deep tube well II) a running stream III) a hot water spring IV) a heavy shower of rain


Hello, How is T code OBXZ different from OBXL? Also, how to use T code OBXZ.


Which aircraft use uses automatic fuel transfer system and which aircraft uses semi automatic


what is the command to copy windows files (i386) without formatting OS?


how many registers are there in core i5 processor?


I wana give interview as a accountant what the question will asked by interviewer ??? Please suggest me so I can clear inteview. abhinandan


WHat is the requirement of installing FAST ACTING EARTH SWITCH in GIS and how is that integrated with protection system. How and when does it operate?


What is the use of string function split(string,array,separator)in AWK?


What is the purpose of interprocessor stage in server jobs?


can anyone help me with some suggestions and improvemnts for sage line 50?


what is document design in boxi,have u participate in that


1. wat are the main diff b/w QTP 8.0 AND QTP 9.2 ( not user interface) 2. wat is the meaning of Keyword in keyword driven frame work? 3. how u will handle the unknown errors while exucution. (not recovery scenario)


Hero Honda Interview Questions
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