Cadance placement papers -------- placement paper -1

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Cadance placement papers

75 Marks paper..time limit 1.15 H
10 related to s/w & then 10 related to h/w & 55 aptitute.

Cadance technical questions

technical part questions

1. ans:O(n**2)

2. inorder & preorder seq. of tree is given & you have to
find out post order..
very easy but do practice you can make one easy method by

3. problem on pass by ref. & pass by value.

asn: x=5 & y=3 assembler relocatable code generated by ...!!??

asn: indirect addressing

5.depth of the tree


6.very simple problem on binary tree ...

so learn who to build tree & insert new tree node...
ans: 10

7.problem on FSM

8.problem on stack

9.problem on grammer

Cadance technical part 2 questions

1. A(XOR)B

2. for modulo-13 ...FF req.
asn: 4

3. asn: modulo-6
4. ans: z(x+y)
5. ans: 0,1
6. on DMA : I/O to Mem. without CPU monitering

7. problem on ring counter
8.number given in form 20 digit repesentation ...

where A,B ,C ,,,..J

are 10,11,12,...20
number is 'IA'
what is the value in octal

9. one program is given
inwhich statement are
t= u%v
t= u%v
u=v v=v-1...
you have to find complexcity of prog.

sn: !!??

1. log( X**3 + Y**3) where x=3/4 y=1/4

log(3) , log(7) & log(2) is given ...


2. one puzzle related cards ...
asn: 1 black card & 12 red crads

3. last question of paper ..
sum of money of A & B =Rs.10
diffrence of A + B = Rs.9
ans : 50 pesa

4. one paper is equlely folded 50 times...

what is new thikness of paper..
ans: 2**50

Cadance placement papers

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