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Cadence Interview Questions
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There is six letter word VGANDA . How many ways you can arrange the letters in the word in such a way that both the A's are together.

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If two cards are taken one after another without replacing from a pack of 52 cards what is the probability for the two cards be queen.

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The ratio fo Boys to Girls is 6:4. 60% of the boys and 40% of girls take lunch in the canteen. What % of class takes lunch in canteen.

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Which of following is used for back-up files? (a) compress (b) Tar (c) make (d) all the above

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what does find command do ?

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what does " calloc" do?

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what does exit() do?

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what is the value of 'i'? i=strlen("Blue")+strlen("People")/strlen("Red")-strlen("green")

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prototype of sine function.

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how many flip flops you require for modulo 19 counter

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ring counter's initial state is 01000. after how many clock cylces will it return to the initial state.

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A signed no is stored in 10-bit register, what is the max and min possible value of the number.

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A room is 30 X 12 X 12. a spider is ont the middle of the samller wall, 1 feet from the top, and a fly is ont he middle of the opposite wall 1 feet from the bottom. what is the min distance reqd for the spider to crawl to the fly.

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A man while going dowm in a escalator(which is miving down) takes 50 steps to reach down and while going up takes 125 steps. If he goes 5 times faster upwards than downwards. What will be the total no of steps if the escalator werent moving.

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2/3 of corckery(plates) are broken, 1/2 have someother thing(handle) broken , 1/4 are both broken and handle broken. Ultimately only 2 pieces of corckery were without any defect. How many crockery were there in total.

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