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McAfee Interview Questions
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int a=1; float b=1.0; System.out.println(a==b);

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Can anybody give the script to addsheet, add column,add values under that column in the rows?

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how to do security testing in real time scenario in manual testing and automation testing qtp

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IS V Model a Process model or a Technique ? Can V process/Technique if answer for above be implemented in WaterFall Model.

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Hi friends, Intw qs : 1.wat wil a tester do if the developer rejects or doesnt accept the bug u report. thou u try to shw the snap shots wat would b ur next step 2. wat are the quality factors ...explain Cost of quality 3. Wat is root cause analysis : Explain fisher model regds, swati

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1.What is the difference between HTML and XML? 2.What is Registry? What is the necessity of IP Address? 3.Test Cases on Coffee Machine? Before shifting machine to the client which test we can be perform?

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Expain Equivalence Class Partion with an Example?

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How will you know if you wrote sufficient test cases for a particular business requirement.

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how unix kernel distinguishes between a normal file and device file ?

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how to generate XML out of QUERY?

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How to delete duplicate records from a table?(for suppose in a table we have 1000 Records in that we have 200 duplicate Records , so ,how to findout that duplicate Records , how to delete those Records and arranged into sequence order? one more thing that there is no primary key at all)

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write an email to custmer

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Hi all im having a pop up validation browser which is 20 in number, i want to close those similar pop browsers one after the other, is there any specific code for that? i tried by giving creation time & putting in a loop but it dint work? valid working answers will be greatly appreciated

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Mcafee - Testing

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Write functional,system,integration,penetration,load,performance negative test cases for Instant messenger

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