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Cipla Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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what are eicosanoids?name the three subclasses of eicosanoids?

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what is saponification of oils?

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what is the different between sales and marketing..?

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Which was termed as the ?Magna Carta of India?

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The Name Benzene was Proposed By?

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Number of Sigma Bonds Present in Benzene are same as ..?

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What are the two drugs available for treating AIDS?

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why u want to work for us?

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why should we hire u?

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Tell us about your qualifications for the position of Associate Director in the Industrial Research Office.


What are the input and output of the septal area?

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If a drug possesses zwitter ionic nature then can it plays any important role in pharmacy?

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How many members are nominate to the Lok Sabha by the President of India? (a) Ten (b) Two (c) Three (d) Twelve

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What is entire principle involved in karl fischer titration

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Cipla Interview Questions

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