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Flextronics Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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Suppose u found a bug which a developer could not reproduce and it is reproducing on your pc whenever tried , then in this siyuation what will be the status of the bug, and what u r going to do for that bug.

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How you will choose test cases for Sanity testing and at which phase of testing you will do this.

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what do you know about our company?

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why should i hire you?

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Flextronics placement papers -------- placement paper 1

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Explain the advantages and disadvantages of FIR filters compared to IIR counterparts.

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How do you implement one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to- many relationships while designing tables?

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Tell us about yourself.

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String is an immutable object. Then how can the following code be justified. String s1 = ?ABC?; String s1 = s1+?XYZ?; s.o.p(s1); The output is ABCXYZ, which is the value of s1 ?

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Instead of writing Home, Remote Interfaces if i directly extends EJBObject to bean class what happens?

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Flextronics Technical and HR Interview Rounds.

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Aricent Interview ,Written test -- Delhi On 21 jan 2007

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What are the features of windows Vista?

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Bank Clerical Exams Model Questions...

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