Business Management Interview Questions
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how to increase the sales in coca cola distribution?

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what are the key role of a sales person?


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wheather strengths are present in resume or not if present then y not weakness

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why you want to join recruitment why not any other field of HR?

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What is the Mutual Funds? What is the Portfolio Management Services (PMS)? What is the difference between Mutual funds and Portfolio Management services? Give me detail explanation??


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did the division manager sets the goal in the best way?


What are off balance sheet items?

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responsibilities of HR

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what are the documents/procedure required for hypothecation of stocks

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what is the difference between salary & wages

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what screening and selectin methods are available and which ones are most accurate? explain.

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Marketing come frist or selling?

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hi, im doing my mba(it) in hr. after completing this what job will suit for me

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why do you want to MBA after B PHARM and that also in HR


what are the primary sales avenues's of a bookstore


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hi i m sagar. i cleared the written exam of federal bank. pls let me know the interview dates and location.


I've done my n llb.after 3yrs gap am in trials for a job, iwas asked "why should a company pay u Rs.8000/- pm, how would u justify 8000/-? i was answerless, plz anybody can help me out.


what is difference between normalization and denormalization. in normalization all tables are normalizad format or not. what r the types of indexes are there. what is difference b/w bitmap,b-tree,unique and function based indexes.


What purpose does training serve? Explain the ingredients of a good training programme for the employed at various levels.


why you have taken marketing as a major finance as a minor/


hi frn iam Ashish frm nepal..ihave got my bank balance in my own name incase of my father or mother.coz they are in Israel and they havent open their account here in interview is in 29 what to do for this problem..if this question is asked than what shall i do?plz reply soon....


What challenges do you foresee and how do you plan to overcome these?


how about ibm(international business management) specialization in MBA?What are the future in it?what are the sources to upgrade it?


Can my friend sponsor me for study in UK? If yes, what are the basic question asked by Embassies??


What are the GL postings in Stock revaluation and stock adjustment transactions?


common question for merchandiser


(b) Define the terms: field, record, table and database.


how to access what amount of credit allowed to rice sheller


What do you understand by the term Charge back?


what did you know about jrg securities ltd