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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why current transformer secondary is short circuited an what will happen if connect very high resistance acrossthe secondary side of current transformer?


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A ray hit a smooth regular surface at an angle of 20 from the normal. Calculate : 1. The angle btw the incident and reflection ray. 2. The angle of deviation.


Is there any problem about which the drive (inverter) doesn't show/display the alarm and/or fault but instead of this , it doesn't work ? I want to know that could there be any kind of problem in the drive when the drive doesn't display the alarm and/or fault ?



What are the symptoms of a bad PG card of a drive (inverter) esp. of Yaskawa Ac Drives (inverters) G7 ?


How to reverse the direction of a DC motor ? By reversing the Armature wires or by reversing the field wires


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How to distinguish between the armature wires with the field wires of a Dc motor ?

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What test must you do before powering up a circuit that you have been working on?


What can make the the overloads operate when a star delta three phase motor starts?

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Can you use a different size cable to complete a circuit if you run out what you are using?

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i want to trigger ATS (Mains +Generator )from external system could any body help me in this regard ?? is it posible if yes please tell me how?

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Fot testing new star-delta 132 kw motor in electrical worshop.we should check in star or delta connection as we do not have higher capacity cable in worshop?


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what is the difference b/w pvc cu conductor and cu breaded wire..?

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What is the starting current of a motor?

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is it true there's a big difference in using Cummins or Denyo...especially power output or leakage


factor to be considered for bus bar design


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

What is the formula for calculating no-load current?


What will be the impact on motor performance if a LT motor is rewound with changed motor winding data as given below:- Original winding data: total 04 wires = 02 wires of 17 SWG + 02 wires of 16.5 SWG. Changed Winding data: total 03 wires of 15.5 SWG wire size Motor rating: 160KW, 740RPM, 415V, ID FAN application. Normal Running Current = 95% of FL Current.


An active element is one which a. Supplies energy b. Absorbs energy c. Supplies energy and convert energy from one form to another


how single phase preventer works ?


what purose of the double circuit transmission line phase of the line phase changed for circuit-1 for Circuit-2 R-Y-B B-Y-R


What is the range of the stator resistance of 3 phase induction motor?


in 1-phase 230v,how in 3-phase 440v. in each phase in between 230v.


How to choose the vector group for the step up and step down transformers??? Tell me the which vector group is suitable for step up and step down transformers and whats the reason to choose and whats the benefits???


how to calculate short circuit current for the busbar


What is Delta Connection? What is meant by Forward Delta & Reverse Delta & How Will be the Connection in Power Transformers?


how give earthing conection to household equipment?


why we are using Load factor?


While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?


In electrical what is earth(ground)connection, wht is the importance of it, why it is recomended to maitain below 3VAC between Neutral and earthspecially in PLC used machines?


What is the comparison of PILC and XLPE cable