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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the formula to find maximum load of a DG (Single phase and Three phase)?

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What is maximum demand?How can we caluclate it?


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Which oil is used in Transformer?

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How many types of Transformers are there?

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What are the parts in a inverter?


What is LOTO?

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How many types of earths are there?What is the maximum ohms of earthfit?

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Which neutral is use when DG(3 Phase)is running?

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What is the purpose of stablization resistor in high impedance bus bar protection



defined power system?


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State how to produce a constant rotating field by application of alternating currents to stator armature of a three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor



what is current

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Explain working of PIU(Power Interface Unit) in Telecommunication,

ACME, ATC, Bharti, HCL, INDUS, Pace Pharmaceuticals,

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What precautions we have to take while handling electrical equipments?


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What current can be carried by 25 sqmm copper cable safely?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

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what rectifiers is and what are the types of rectifiers?


Give some differences between open loop and closed loop?


Explain the different regions in frequency response?


LT cable fault chaecking equipment and to find out the distance at what distence it failure . Name and where it is available?


What safety followup during kWh meter isolation


What is the function of capacitor in electrical circuits?


is IS says that neutral should be brought to switch box. and this one is a recomended practice


What is magneto on a gas generator. how it functions. its out put is d.c or a.c. how it can be checked for correct functioning


I don't understand why when we connect high voltage source in DC to electronic motor , we must add capacitor and resistor in parallel ? (I know that we use capacitor because we want to absorb the current that in the first second electronic motor in opposed with current course produce. ) what are the feature of Resistor and in such situation ?


what is the voltages using in movie theaters??? why ??why not other??


What is meant by Low Resistance Cable and High Resistance Cable.


why do we need to use 3c+3e cable, normally i select only 3c+e cable and i think it is enough. pls explain the usefull of 3e cable ( in this project the earthing system is well done)


What do you mean by Stimulastion Test in Diesel Genarator / Why & when it's conducted ?


What is the vector group of a transformer,how can it be found out?