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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Whta is earthing?What is the optimum value of Earth Pit?


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What is SMPS,How does it works?

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1.stranded resistance values of motors? to calculate the resistance values of single phase and 3phase motors?

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if transformer winding burn on dc supply then why not alternator rotor winding please post answer on


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through which medium return supply given to alternator please answer in details


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If a Power Transformer Fails and the transformer manufacturer suggest that "Do all electrical test on the transformer?". What are the test to be conducted in this condition?

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What is the method of Tan delta test for power Transformes and why it is required.

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What is the method & formula of Fault level calculation in power Transformesr.

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How to calculate the sag on transmission Lines.


where we use compound motors in real time and why?


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How much resistance between neutral earthing and body earthing of Power transformer?

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in the thermal power plant, why we use the condenser (for cooling the steam) when we have to heat the steam again. i mean why we are cooling the steam,

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what is the simple meaning of harmonics?

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what's the meaning of the negative going half cycle in the circuit containing a bulb and a switch in series with a input ac source. i mean what happens in the -ve cycle. the dir. of current changes or any other thing. if dir. changes then why we use fuse in only phase wire.

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I have 30KW Motor Starter Panel, System voltage is 480V, So i have to convert voltage 480 to 220V to give the contactor coil. How i can select control transformer, Which rating transformer i can use this panel, what is the procedure, please tell me.

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

how to design coil turns ?


How much ph is maintained of water resistance starter for slipring induction motor ?


In radial network the source is fed from 1 end both ends at central


What is the direction of current flow in ct secondary...means if the current is flowing from P1 to P2 then what will be the direction of current flow in ct secondaryw


What will happen if a dc source is given to a tubelight. Will it work or wont it work....


transformer phasor diagram under load explain it?


how can you calculate fault level ?


Why the power generated in dams is complex power? Why the generators in dams cannot produce Real power directly (i.e power which has zero reactive part)?


What is T’Q and X’Q and X’D ? and what is saturated as well as unsaturated ?


i had aplied Hindustan Petroleum corporation limited for the post of maintenance technician -Electrical,i want model questions,if anybody have please send it or please advice?


what is an unbalance in acircuit? in a three phase 3wire circuit how an unbalance will come? in a three phase four wire system how an un balance is coming?


I am a electrical engg. diploma holder,applied for junior engineer (electrical),Kolkata RRB. Have I to attend all electrical,mechanical&civil portion in written exam.???


what is the write prosidure of stringing of 8meter pcc pole.


How capacitor improves pf


what is per unit calculation?looking for simple and strong explanation thk u