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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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For my plant the electricity department charging some amount for t/f losses. May i know what are transformer losses


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how to find motors H.P. whout any rating? (only give you a motor and multimeter)


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In sub-station how to find multifactor of panel?

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the process cynide is used for?


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fog produced due to?


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cc of scorpio?



refrigeration cycle?

MAHINDRA, Shapoorji Pallonji Group(SPCL),

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what is the saturation point of crgo lamination.


why substation are rated like 11KV or 33KV?

TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

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how a DC clampmeter works if DC cant b step up r down?

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Phase control and integral control are used for?



What is the gain of 1-s/1=s at 1 rad/sec?


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why does make gain margin and phase margin on same plot.?


Q-1 what are the structural and operational difference between a distribution and a power transformer? Q-2 what is skew in motors? Q-3 draw equivalent circuit of transformer Q-4 explain with phasors how pf is improved with loading in induction motors Q-5 DIFFERENT METHODS OF CABLE LAYING(interviewer asked if i heard new chemical based earthing system next) Q-6 pi model of medium length trans line Q-7 v/f control?why Q-8 vacuum circuit breaker operates in?

Vijai Electricals,

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What will happen if apply dc source for power transformer

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

To make a basic instrumentation amplifier, it takes A One op-amp with a certain feedback arrangement B Two op-amp and seven resistors C Three op-amps and seven capacitors D Three op-amps and seven resistors


1. Can a 12v DC choke operate a 60v/12w PL lamp ? 2. Can a 230v ballast fire / operate a 60v/12w PL lamps.


If the Brush of DC motor is shifted by 90 deg, then what happens to voltage and torque? Both voltage and torque are zero. how to justify the answer?


explain why core loss of a transformer is almost constant under different load conditions when connected across a constant voltage and constant frequency.


what will happen if frequency is below 50 hz?


how to setting voltage RTCC panel


at meter room 50 hrc switch installed,but there are not get earthing proper,so what happen?and 11kv transformer out put going in to hrc main 400a three nog each? so earthing is require for all switch? (some customer made earthing at there home.)


how slip power recovery system work


what is the difference between oil surge relay and buchholz relay.


Explain the experiment on ward leonard method of a speed control on a dc shunt motor with an suitable circuit diagram.


Can RCD's used to protect the VVVF drive if not why.


what are the difference between PLC and embedded


can a 150 kva 3 phase 440v/230V delta-wye step down transformer can be use as step up transfoermer with connected loads at 440v side?


What is the formula to calculate the rating of power cable for three phase current.


Do Phase angle measurement have any application in freq/harmonics measurement? If so how?