Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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I have two PLC processors. I want to communicate both processor with each other. How i can do so?

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what is thermo stat, explain how its working?

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what is feeder?

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what is the problem with single phase AC motors and how is it overcome?

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what is smart grid? why we use it? explain in detals bcoz i want give presentatin from it....


whit is 33kv power 300*300 cable full current with formula


after syncnhronistion how generator speed controlled by grid

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what is the significance of 3.5 core cable? or what does this half core mean and why is it required?

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single phase can run in PVC conduit. Three phase can also run in one PVC conduit. But two phase cannot run in one PVC conduit. WHY? reply plz....awaiting your answer.


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my company total load is 1000kw, 415volt, all load are inductive load. incoming powerfactor is .8. we want to have0.95 pf connecting capacitors. so now how much rating of capacitors we have to connect? show how?

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which model T or pie model is prefarable in power syatem


If the t/f capacity is 500KvA then what is Amps ratting of the main breaker.

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what are the effects of variations in frequency when you are connected to national grid??

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In a transformer, the hysteresis and eddy current losses depend upon 1.load current 2.maximum flux density in core 3.type of lamination 4.supply frequency The correct statements are (a) 1 and 3 (b) 2 and 3 (c) 1 and 4 (d) 2 and 4

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how to deside the capacity of chock for drive?



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What are the two types of compensation?


How delta connection in the primary of distribution transformer reduces harmonics?how delta connections reduces harmonics?Please answer me...Hope that question is correct.


How to calculate Temp from Resister from PT100 equation,


What happen to generator if i have unbalanced load?


what is the solution for meger test failed the MV cable?


how to introduce yourself


what is the total power generation in india?


what is d check in dg 1500kva


Why neutral point is consider as zero potential?


I completed my BE EEE degree 2006 .... which license should i apply .... ?????


What is the need of generator relay panel


Dear friends I want to design busbar for1600 kva transformer(i.e2100 amps) what are all the factors to be considered before selectinga busbar what are all the standard sizes of busbars what is the formula for finding current of copper and aluminium busbar


Should power factor be low or high?


What is the unit of magnetic flux density?


how to operate and maintenance of 1500 kva diesel generator set