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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the different between bus section and bus coupler

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what is the different between bus section and bus coupler

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If the capacitor feeder is switched ON without any load, is there any display in the ammeter at the incomer?

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What is the importance of RESONANCE

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1 alluminum cable hou much current caraing capacity

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How can we step up ac and dc ?

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how can findout cable fault Location only useing MEGGER

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why ct is testing using dc.. y cant we use AC insted of dc on POLARITY TEST.

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What is the relation between the Peripheral speed(N) , no.of poles(P) and diameter(D) of a cylindrical rotor alternator ?


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what is diffence between synchronus and asynchronus AC motor.?

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Why is the uniform distribution of the capacitor discs in a suspension type insulators essential , what can u do to improve the string efficiency ?

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What is the size of cable to be used for a Space Heater in UPS 160KVA of carrying 10 Amps current with 240 V ,1 Phase?

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How to calcualte the total number of cells required for particular UPS of some X KVA with 3 and 5 hours back-up?


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what is the difference between ac and dc hipo test of cable?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

what will happen if frequency is below 50 hz?


In layman terms, what is the difference of Dielectric strength and dielectric constant when speaking of an insulating oil


Is it possible to connect a safety device in to parallel?


neutral earth resistance testing is it possible for transformer while in load condition


How a band pass filter is constructed?


what is magnetizing current test in power transformer


If Dg set load increase 25%, How much increase fuel Consumption (15 kva 2 cylinder DG set)


what is the need of starter in tube light and what type of starter is used in that?


In electrical locomotive engines, the DC series motors is being used as traction motor. But in new engines like in WAP7 & WAG9 the 3-phase squiral cage induction motors has replaced them. So can someone tell me the advantages of induction motor over dc seris motor in engines points of view....???


Pls tell me whether we can use EN3A material for shafts of Permanent magnet alternator.What will be the effect of magnetic and nonmagnetic material for shafts on magnetic properties of PM rotor .


What is trip and closing coil in cb? Why need of them


why high speed tripping relay is used in protection circuit why not normal relay


What is warm / cold start of HT motors. How many warm start & cold start are possible in a day?


Define maximum demand?


advantage of motor design on higher power factor . normally motors are designed for .8 power factor. what is advantage of designing at .88 power factor