Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what phase and neutral.


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why used in starter in tube ligtht circuit.

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Why used in layer by layer charcoal and salt used in earth pits.


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1. how much normal earth resistance in earth pits(neutral and body earth) and transformer neutral and body earth & panel earth.

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how much UPS neutral erath leakage current.



Two 11 kv lines are feeding to common bus in a substation,I have one set of CT & PT(3ct,2pt), How can I measure both lines power using single set.


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How do determine the Size of a Droop Current Transfomer for Paralleling of Two Generators, Say I need a Droop Current transformer for a 600 kW generator need to be parallel with a 800 kW generator, etc.

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I have installed capacitor bank at secondary transformer. cos phi is increase. but on load (far from transormer), it still poor. Can anybody explain it??

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What happen if LV supply is fed to a HT motor?

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What type of DC Generator is used for Arc Welding purposes?

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Wat wil happen if Transformer is operated at 100 HZ Frequency?

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What is the amount of no load current of 630 kVA tranformer voltage ratio 11kV/440V ?

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what is R Core Transformer. how it differs from normal transformers. dont search in net and post the answer.


when we connect a CT in the line will there be any loses in the line due to the mutual inductance of the CT.

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What is the difference between short circuit and overload currents?


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what is motor capacity of 80TR chiller? and also say what is the formula related temperature, motor capacity, TR?


could anybody able 2 send me jindal steels previous papers fr electrical steam....pls send 2 my id if possible....sirisha.shaik@gmail.com


what will be d.g. capacity to cater together for 14hp A.C. load & 3kw lighting load


please give me all the Alarm .Trip ,Safety Relays & Conditions of Chiller mail me on ashokbabunhce@gmail.com


what is the affect of earth's magnetic field on the frequency used in aircraft???


what is the preventive maintence for ht panels and busbars and vcb abd acb's.


what mean by analog ,digital,numerical meters and relays? say the example?


why we are using Load factor?


what is the control circuit for operating the clean room air shower


If we have to feed a housing complex having load 8MVA, than what would be the better option, either we first step down 33kv supply into 11kv & than 430v or we proposed no of 33/.44 kv transformer, also which option is economical?


what is the diff. between x'mer , isolation x'mer & ultra-isolation x'mer ?????????????


dc supply given to dc generator winding.how is possible? my knowledge is saying the winding will burn. please reply.


what happen if the load connected to the induction motor is taken away? the same question for synchoronous generator in synch i think that the the exitation voltage will appear on the terminal only if so plz answer me


What happened if C.T mount at any cable or Bus bar in wrong direction . C.T going on proper work or not . C,T direction is essential thing to properly work.


How to calculate the sag of OPGW during stringing???