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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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In what cases (circumstances)we should apply P controller, PD controller, PI controller & PID controller ?


What are chief characteristics of state-space method and its techniques ?



Difference between PLC and SCADA ? What are merits & De-merits of PLCs ? What are merits & De-merits of SCADAs ?


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What are the industrial applications of Superhetrodyne Receivers ? What are merits & De-merits of SuperHeterodyne Receivers ?


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why the neutral point in connnection oscillates?



hello friend i wish to study a course related to the electrical construction, controlling and monitoring , which course i want to study? pls give me the name of institute?


IF we have three 30KW motor, these motors are connected in DOL, star-delta and VFD respectively, what will be the fuse rating for the above three?

DOL, GSK, Ojus,

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Hp to Kw and Kw to I(amps) conversion......

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how to check the insulation for motor using megger?


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how to find insulation resistance of a generator(11kv) by theoritical formula??

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what is difference between delta-delta,delta-star transformers ???

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what is purpose of using neutral grounding transformer in generators??

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how to find the resistance and gap volatage of the diode??


how to set the overload setting in the thermal overload relay?? is there any calculation in that??

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why the transmission side of the generating transformer is always star??

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Define what is difference between fuse and breaker?


The electrical energy required to raise the tempreture of a given amount water is 200 kwh. If the heat losses are 20%, the energy required is?


HOW can i REuse the fused MLL LAMPS & GLS LAMPS at our factory


what is the calculation involved to design the heater to heat 10KL of water in temperature control unit?


What is the most accurate way of testing ELCB?ELCB is better than RCD?


How dia computation perfomed in cold rolling mills .


How the frame size of a flange mounted AC induction motor is calculated?


How to know vacuum in vacuum cylinder of breaker in working condition


How CFL &T5 tube light glows?


What are the parameters of water ( Water quality )to be monitored in Centralised HVAC ( water cooler chillers )


why normally Generator rating are between 11Kv to 22Kv?


WHat is the requirement of installing FAST ACTING EARTH SWITCH in GIS and how is that integrated with protection system. How and when does it operate?


Advantages/Disadvantages of earthing of neutral bus on MSB instead of separate neutral earthing for transformer/DG sets feeding to MSB


Why and when NGR panel required. Is it necessary to design a NGR panel for a 6.6kV Alternator paralleling with Grid????


what happend to DC shunt motor if its field winding insulation becomes slightly weak? will that motor can run on full load or not explain in detail. thanks