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how to check the insulation for motor using megger?

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how to check the insulation for motor using megger?..

Answer / omwikha

It is used to check the insulation resistance between the windings or between the windings and the earth terminal for the case of the motor. One lead of the megger is put on the earth terminal and the other lead is moved from one winding terminal to another as the megger handle is rotated for generation of voltage used for testing, the readings are noted and compared with the reference values to ascertain the condition of the motor.low values means insulation failure.

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how to check the insulation for motor using megger?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Megger between winding terminal and the body .The voltage of
the megger should much higher than the rated voltage of the
motor.For 230and 400 V motors 500V megger is to be used.

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