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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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We are using 3core 11KV HT cable for same phase for generator outgoing, the cable leakage current is high and cable heated overly what is the remidy, if we use the 3core cable for 3phases the problem is solved are not?

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why the star delta motors burn out frequently

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In control room of our one plant there is a continuously the incoming power goes to PC is vary,means in stabilizer it continuously indicate from high input to low and low input to high. what is the reason and its solution.


why the generating / transmitting voltage is in the order of multiples of 11(ie 11kv,22kv,33kv......)

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How does a system control centre in a utility plant gets the grid frequency of the electrical network (50 Hz or 60 Hz)by the SCADA system?

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What is the difference between an ELCB and a RCD?


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What are the advantages and disadvantes of delta and star connections in transformers and alternators?

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why voltages are multiple of 11 or 1.1???describe with derivation plzzz.thanks

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1 ton AC takes how much current( starting & stable)

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what is power frequency withstand and impulse withstand of a circuit breaker?

Power Grid,

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why low pressure side of the turbine is connected to the alternator and not the high pressure side??

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what will happen if delta - star , 400V to 6.6KV step up transformer neutral is not grounded, Neutral is not used but transformer is provided with neutral.

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why rating of alternator in kva & induction motor in kw


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What is VVVF Drive ?

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What is the typical power circuit configuration of a VVVF Drive ?

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State the other types of Air Conditioners?


what is meant by tranformer impedance?


can anyone give an idea about dia calculation in cold rolling mill


how to select the mpcbs and contactor for 3 phase 30 hp star delta motors.for plc control.and tell me the calaculation for future use.


What is the meaning of HT Trivector Meter ?


what is a bus riser in power system and why it is used


Define delay time.


describe the Operation of induction generators from bus bars


What is earth system using on the floater TN-S or TT. Iam not sure and what ICCP


How we can calculate the Amps for the cable Ex:- For 1sqmm wire how many amps we can draw (calculation)


Hello everyone, somebody knows what is a "surplice power" ? The hole phrase is: "This rating is appropriate for a generator set paralleled with an infinite bus e.g. a national electrical supply network or grid where the generator set is run at 100% load, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and any surplice power is exported into the grid" Thanks in advance.


Q.1:What protection will be used on HT and LT side of 33/0.4 KV, MVA transformer. Indicate capacities of protective device to be used. Q.2:Which types of back-up protections are used in the power transformers? What do you understand by the term over travel in the relay? Q.3:How star and delta connected winding transformer are provided from earth fault


what is the correct format to create a resume for interview??


what is the difference between electrical choke and electronic choke?


Capacitor is load free component but why ampere meter shows current when capacitor bank breaker close?