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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is VFD and how to save the power by using VFD?

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How I design capacitor bank for different load.7MW connected load.


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its Kva and Kv are same?

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If one d.g. is unable to take full load of system, then second d.g. will take care of partly Load.for this condition RPM of both DG set should be equal.By using Synchronization panel RPM of dg sets are match, is it true?

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1500Ah VRLA battery,if its weight is designed 125kg during maufacturing its weight is reduced to 85kgs,What will be impact on AH capacity,life & economy?



why in motors dc extitaedtion is prefer

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The capacity of the transformer is 20/25 MVA, Ratio is 132/11 KV, Vactor group YNyno. and impedance is 10.07%. As per the calculation the secondary current is 1312.2Amps. The maximum fault current the transformer should sustain is 13.030KA. How many times the transformer should sustain the maximum short circuit current of 13.030KA over a period up 1 Year. The transformer is repaired one & 10 Years old.

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How to derive detailed design of Suitable bus Bar for 100A for 6.6KV?


Why in Digital Megger for finding Insulation resistance,-ve is applied to core or conductor and +ve is applied to ground.


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During Millivolt drop test current leads are applied in the extreme ends and voltage leads are given just before the current leads.. what will be the difference if voltage leads are given in the extreme ends? and why?

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why we use MV panels??? what's r all the needs

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What is the difference between generator and turbo generator - related to power gereration

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what is the advantage of NiCd battery over Lead acid battery?

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The power factor of the fixed load is 0.8, now the p.f is varying from 0.8 to 0.5.


what will happen while giving 2 phase supply to 3 phase motor

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what is transistors comprised of?


Define active filter?


What is the effect of pi controller on the system performance?


What are linear and non-linear systems?


Dry type transformers


what is the difference between c power and U power acb breaker


I Have 3 Phase 10 KW AC Alternator i found one phase weak, so what will be the reason & what action shouls i take to rectify the same.


What is difference between YNyn0 and YNyn ??


How does an oscillator differ from an amplifier?


Can anyone tell me some hints about what type of questions are asked by the interviewer by an Electronics engineer when company is installing an IPP and wants a team of engineers?


What is CVT and what is relation with wave trap?


I have 440v power coming to facility,( not being used ) can I buy large generator, (gas) to sell power back to electrical co.


What is meant by control system?


Why do power lines not short out when they fall into water?


Why do not we prefer non conventional sources of energy to conventional sources?