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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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The earth pin of some three pin plugs are seen split. why?

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we have two motors 1250kW,6.6kV to be coupled on the same shaft ,so please provide assistance for their synchronisation.


what is the difference between id fans and fd fans

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if u have to run a 300kw moter then what is ur choice HT or LT switchgear & explain why?

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Why one side of secondary of transformer is earthed, to supply single conductor of electric traction system?

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What is the meaning of electricity? How it is being produced? Can we store the electricity? When we produce electricity what is the capacity of voltage current we are getting? If we need 440 volts how to get it? In case, if we want lower than 440 volts how to change it? Please answer?

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How voltage regulation is calculated for over head transmission line? What do we mean by Conductor constant while calculating voltage regulation? how it is differ for for diffrent type of conductor say AAAC DOG & AAAC RACOON conductor?


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what is control supply rating of a machine


please send previous exams question papers


why the indian frequency is 50 hz & U.S.Frequency of 60 hz

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How to do stting of vl250 siemens MCCB

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Difference between shunt, PMG and AREP excitation. Which is the most reliable between PMG and AREP.



Has someone here done a sizing for a generator (3 phase), its for a pumping station. If you have an example for standby/duty and both running (I) star delta (ii) Soft Starter.


what is the maximum permissible limit value of leakage current and leakage counter reading to replace lightining arrester?


What do you mean by boost voltage in case of battery charger?


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why on delay timer used for fully automatic star delta starter?


what is the purpose of high speed earth switch in gas insulated substat


why the check zone and main zone are used for Busbar Protn. scheem?


Classify driling machines.


what is die electric strnth of transformer ?


Is Transol transformer oil comparable to nynas nytro libra?


Define thermal resistance in the context of power amplifier.


full form of flry b


Why the symbol of register is "zig zag"


Block diagram of Power line communication?


what causes contact chatter when there is no demand on the air conditioning unit?


is it possible for different brand of H.V transformers to run or operate in parallel to each other? if so how much disturbance can this affact the H.V bus bar?


Is there any specialised book to refer about fault level calculation both in MV and LV side??


In control room of our one plant there is a continuously the incoming power goes to PC is vary,means in stabilizer it continuously indicate from high input to low and low input to high. what is the reason and its solution.


What is the formula to calculate the rating of power cable for three phase current.