Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How are calculated the aluminium busbar cross section area?

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Are same transformer be employed for step up and step down services?

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On what basis primary and secondary of a transformer is chosen?

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how to male a d.c bettery to blow a 230v bulb?

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Can a 50-Hz designed transformer be used at 60-Hz system? Is the same remains true, when a 60-Hz designed transformer be used at 50-Hz system? Consider only frequency variation. The voltage remains as rated value in all cases. Justify the answer.

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How to protect the water pump by no load running.

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Hello, im taking an introduction to PLC..and i'm having a hard time on creating a program for 2 lamps blinking alternately with this button characteristics: 1.) One push button (starts upon pressing) 2.) Same push button (when pressed again, will pause the system) 3.) Same push button (when pressed again, will continue the paused system) 4.) Same push button (when pressed within 2 seconds, will shut off the system) Pls..i know this is just a simple problem for you guys..

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In n high voltage 11kv system What happened if 1 of CT cable (IDMT) loose.Will e/f or o/c trip.please explain detail

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In UPFC,What is the need for Dc link ( DC capatior)?

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Can a transformer designed for a particular voltage and frequency rating be used for different set of mentioned ratings? Assume that the winding does not get burnt because of overheating at higher voltage. If yes, then under which constraint it is possible?

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why microprocessors are named as 8085 ,8086 etc? what's the reason for this???

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what is basically a pulse transformer?

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what is relay multiplier

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whose motors self starting synchronous or Induction motor?give fact reason why not self starting another mother

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What will happen if a dc source is given to a tubelight. Will it work or wont it work....


why magnetising curve not start with zero voltage?


what is the problem when i want to close a circuit breaker by local position it closes well.but when i close it in remote position it trips


How will calculate losses in an multi core Aluminium LT cable of different sizes & upto what length we can use a LT Cable ?


Draw a block diagramof Three UPS systems connected in Parallel mode?


why industry prefer ht motor instead of lt motor.


what is effect of length of air gap on performance of dc motor and generator?


In PFI plant one stage capacitor connection is directly connected(with out megnetic contact controll). but why?


What is the latest generation of circuit breakers called?


define hysteresis loss, eddy current loss and windage loss


What is core CT & it's function?


is there any current and voltage drop on liquid resistance starter water/soda tank ?


How two nos. 130 kw D.C motor get synchronise using D.C drive.


Load transfer in 11kv double busbar switchgear - operation.


How calculated single phase induction motor req. Capacitor?