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Hello, im taking an introduction to PLC..and i'm having a
hard time on creating a program for 2 lamps blinking
alternately with this button characteristics:
1.) One push button (starts upon pressing)
2.) Same push button (when pressed again, will pause the
3.) Same push button (when pressed again, will continue the
paused system)
4.) Same push button (when pressed within 2 seconds, will
shut off the system)

Pls..i know this is just a simple problem for you guys..

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Hello, im taking an introduction to PLC..and i'm having a hard time on creating a program for..

Answer / r.sundarraj

First draw relay logic and then given 1)connection from one push button connected through relay common point &take o/p in both lamps from NC via. 2)again press the NC button system pause .
3)now holding purpose taken another 1NO,1NC now system will not run
4)final NC o/p connected off delay timer
system power off

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Hello, im taking an introduction to PLC..and i'm having a hard time on creating a program for..

Answer / milind

you have to keep latched the push button(start) in programe
and have to off the o/p coil when next pressed again.

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