Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the working principle of DC generator ?


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In zero voltage we can pass supply to our body means we cant get shock its true ? how we can do it ?

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what is the difference between brushed alternator ,brushless alternator & permanent alternator ?

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What is system earthing?what are the types?


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why it is so called as xlpe(cross linked poly ethyline) cable?


How single phase & 3 phase motor select rotating direction ie clockwise/anticlockwise


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a 50hz motor to give 60hz whats happening in motor.what happen the motor.

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in Megger what type of voltage(AC or DC) are produce.how they work.

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An AC coil to give DC supply whats happen in the coil.what type of problem are create.

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An AC Motor to give DC supply what happen the motor.whats the problem are create.

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what type of motor are there in megger how they work.

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how to avoid electrical shock how capacitor store charges wat are the speed control of induction motors state faradays law flemings left hand rule what is rotary converter wat is transmission and distribution what are the sources of energy abrevation of acb,vcb,sf6,igbt what is output equation of transformer which test copper iron and iron loss are calculated what is eddy current draw a single line diagram (10 marks) draw direct online starter(10 marks)


phase colour is indicated by R Y B (red yellow blue) but in transformer i have seen U V W instead of (R Y B) have any meaning of this

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how to calculate the capacitor to maintain power factor?



What is expand formation of AYFY cable


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is that any software calculator to calculate the size of cable


what is the difference between switchgear and circuit breakers and is there any difference between outdoor and indoor switchgear and circuit breakers , and how would you differentiate between switch yard and substation and grid station . thanks


working of diesel generator ?


why power factor is important?


how slip power recovery system work


how to extend relay operating timing in 24V dc relay card (without using Timer )


how generator load test is conducted?what are the steps?


What are IP protections used for electrical panels, JB, equipments installed in explosive zones like Petrochemicals, Oil & gas


Can I use distributon class/transmission class Lightning arresots for protecting the building? If not why please explain?


Two liquids hot and cold in two vessels are there and an metal bar acts as a conductor of heat between the two vessels. what happens then. what happens after 24 hrs?


how to erect roof control panel?


The metal-enclosed switchgear and controlgear is subdivided into three types: 1. metal-clad switchgear and controlgear; 2. compartmented switchgear and controlgear 3. cubicle switchgear and controlgear. What is the main differnence between them. State some example.


Dear friends, i would like to know that what is the exact function of 'exciter winding' & 'aux winding' in Alternator?


What should be the height of basement according to NBCC code?


How does "OUT OF STEP" relay ,for Synchronous motor protection, work?