Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is maximum or Threshold value of current 7 voltage that a common man can withstand

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how to prepare PPM schudule


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what does the regenerative braking mean?and how it used for Dc motor? thanks.

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would the same effect be achieved by reversing the connection to one winding of the induction motor 3-phase?


Describe the control mechanism of missile launcher???



If ac 230volts inputsupply to full wave rectifire what is D C output voltage.

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we can stepdown the voltage from 230/12v ,and we use the voltage for various electronics components why can't we step up the voltage from 12/230v if we can shall we use the voltage for domestic single phase supply


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A 11000/415V distribution transformer is fed 415V upon it's LT side,Do I get 11000V upon it's Primary side ?

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For having nonavailablity of 10 Amps fuse, a lineman replace the same with 5Amps two strand, Do he correct ?

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What is the difference between Analogue Addressable Systems and intelligent Addressable Systems

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at the time of starting back emf of a motor is zero.so how can it will start to run??

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why we have to do tan delta test of the transformer oil???

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How to choose primany and secondary side MCB

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why firewall is build up between two transformer (220/11kv,50MVA)?what should be the firewall height?what is the clearance between firewall and transformer?

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In a Synchronous generator, Can AC voltage be used instead of DC voltage in field winding of rotor to produce AC power?

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how to apply b license to c license in tneb


how to ctrl motor by use of ac or dc drive.plz explain evdintly


If you don’t have coal, salt and copper, then how would you earth your connection temporarily at a camp site.?


what is the working process of over & under voltage relay.


what is diff btw electric,magnetic & eletromagnetic field


why there using acb enclosure in big buildings


When will you multiply and devide with derating factors to the actual value while sizing the cable?


Why the output of OP-AMP is always less than Vcc?


At what speed an electric car can run with 2 HP motor of weighing 400 kg?


How many types oil using in transformer ? How many letars using in transformer..?


How CFL &T5 tube light glows?


Scott connection is used for A 3-phase to 2-phase conversion B to achieve higher effciency C to save copper D to reduce harmonics


how to select diiferent power transformers of same capacity on no load loss and full load loss by economical point of view.?


While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?


how to calculate fuse rating for a motor