Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is maximum or Threshold value of current 7 voltage that a common man can withstand

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how to prepare PPM schudule


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what does the regenerative braking mean?and how it used for Dc motor? thanks.

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would the same effect be achieved by reversing the connection to one winding of the induction motor 3-phase?


Describe the control mechanism of missile launcher???



If ac 230volts inputsupply to full wave rectifire what is D C output voltage.

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we can stepdown the voltage from 230/12v ,and we use the voltage for various electronics components why can't we step up the voltage from 12/230v if we can shall we use the voltage for domestic single phase supply


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A 11000/415V distribution transformer is fed 415V upon it's LT side,Do I get 11000V upon it's Primary side ?

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For having nonavailablity of 10 Amps fuse, a lineman replace the same with 5Amps two strand, Do he correct ?

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What is the difference between Analogue Addressable Systems and intelligent Addressable Systems

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at the time of starting back emf of a motor is zero.so how can it will start to run??

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why we have to do tan delta test of the transformer oil???

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How to choose primany and secondary side MCB

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why firewall is build up between two transformer (220/11kv,50MVA)?what should be the firewall height?what is the clearance between firewall and transformer?

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In a Synchronous generator, Can AC voltage be used instead of DC voltage in field winding of rotor to produce AC power?

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Why the power generated in dams is complex power? Why the generators in dams cannot produce Real power directly (i.e power which has zero reactive part)?


Is the installation of the filter cloths necessary before spreading the gravels at the transformer yards?


what will happen if OLR CT in all phases are short circuted


1.why should we connect the measuring instruments in l.v side in short circuit test of a transformer? 2.why the power factor is less in open circuit test of a transformer?


If you have an earth with pilecap then your resistance is really low. why and how?


at meter room 50 hrc switch installed,but there are not get earthing proper,so what happen?and 11kv transformer out put going in to hrc main 400a three nog each? so earthing is require for all switch? (some customer made earthing at there home.)


What is the relationship between voltage,current & frequency?


In a flange coupling, the flange bolts are designed for


how we arrange the hv side with delta connection in case 33/11kv of transformer.


why the check zone and main zone are used for Busbar Protn. scheem?


How to prepare electrical preventive maintenance plan & shedule of machine tools in manufacturing unit.


What is Tachometer used to measure?


what will happen if frequency is below 50 hz?


We have two APFC panels in same station. I need how to connect CT in two APFC panels.can we take one CT in series connection or two separate CTs.


What is the comparison of PILC and XLPE cable