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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is an rmu?its circuit diagram.functions

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What is clock position of Transformer?what are the clock positions are there?and what is different of them?



Current Transformer's star point must face the protected object for the relay operation?


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I want to know the 'Test voltage' for Tandelta testing of 3.3 / 6.6 / 11 KV Motors. Please explain


If you see the HRC fuse name plate. Its shown ampere rating shown which is in many KA (like 80KA and so on). any body explain what is meaning of this value?

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how to crack cgpsc,which type of knowledge it is required,where i can get systematic study material and some tips?

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what is the KVA formula of a three phase transformer

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what is meant by transformer?

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2 hp motar how many amps taken please show me the formula

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for a 500 KVA connected load, I calculated 30% of capactor for power correction. Even after using 225 KVR capactor PF is not improving. What could be reason for low Phase correction factor?

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How to calculate PF capactors for a connected load?

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what is the difference between direct loading and indirect loading?

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what is the principle of the single phase energy meter? and,what is the advantages and disadvantages of single phase energy meter?


what is the purpose finding power factor?

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how to calculate distance between busbar supporters for LT panel, what are the factors influencing in this design

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sir iam a 3rd yr eee core company comes for recruitment to our aim is to be placed in l and t.tell me the procedures.


Can anybody inform me about the pattern of ECIL GET( Graduate Engineers Trainee) interview for Electrical students? Will there be HR round as well? I thought of preparing for 2 to 3 subjects thoroughly. Will it be sufficient? Please share your thoughts.


how to caculate cable size for diff types of loads? if anyone know the calculating procedure please tell me


What are test values for an 63 KVA and 100 Kva Distribution Transformers for the following typical tests 1)Magnetic balance 2)Short circuit test 3)Open Circuit test 4)Vector group confirmation test .please give me the standard values for all the above tests.


What is the difference between grid and off- grid system??


What is Phase to Phase clearance for 800V System Operating Voltage as per IEC61439


I am having a 1500 KVA transformer whose secondary current is 2086A and my connected load is 1000 KVA, I am having 400 KVAR APFCR for PF improvement what ratio of CT should i install in LT EB Bus to get optimum PF improvement?


how to size H.T & L.T Panel ?


How to calculate ht side cable of 630 kva oil cooled outdoor transformer?


Dear sir my name Ankit i m Diploma holder present working in Welspun Corp ltd Anjar as Asst.engg (salary 14400/month ctc) i Would like to change my company also i have selected in ford India pvt ltd Sanand as trainee Tech with salary 12000/month so please suggest me for changing my job hope for *ve response


What is meant by control system?


What will be the current if the resistance total in a series circuit doubles?


working of diesel generator ?


How will be the single line diagram of series trip HT breaker? how it works?


what is LSR?