Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Please explain open transition and closed transistion system in Star delta Starter?and also the state difference of both?

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what is the question paper model for section engineer in RRB



Can a 5 core cable one end with a 32A 3p+N+E plug and the other end 32A 3p+E be used on a generator?

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What is the use of Isolation Transformer, and Neutral is using for return path, finally this current is going.... but same time the voltage of the neutral should be below 1 V...

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Dear All, Pls let me know about ELR.... CBCT is using for singnal purpose... How it works.. any body can explain pls.......

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What do you mean by linear and bilateral network?

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if the HR asked to me., you have got 92% in higher secondary but got only 72% in engg whats the reason??what should i have to say ..please help me..

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why making capacity is more than breaking capacity?

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what is inrush current in transformer?

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what is electric current

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what is the capital of india

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what is surge suppressor?


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how to write program by ladder logic in case of PLC operation

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how power saving takes place through VFD?

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If i want to build 230kv substation what are the equipments to be installed?

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How will polarity test of Dy5 Transformer ?


For 160kw motor what size of cable and material is needed.?


in ACB breaker requireding 3200Amps. buscoupler getting OFF mode and again it reset and getting normal position give me a required answer?


I just purchased a 4 position cam switch to be used to operate a 3-speed blower motor. The motor is a 10 amp motor and has 3 wires that are used to control speed. The cam switch was rated at 660V 20 amps but when I received it, I noticed that it has AC-15 operational current rating (Ie) of 4/5 amps. If I am reading the label correctly. the 4/5 amps is related to 440v/220V (Ue). Other ratings are AC-3: 5.5A, AC2: 7.5A and AC-4: 1.5A. My questions are 1) Is it safe to use this switch with the motor I have 2) what is the difference between the 20 amp Ith ratting and the Ie operational ratings?


How two nos. 130 kw D.C motor get synchronise using D.C drive.


1.What is the range of stator resistance of 3-phase induction motor? 2.Two electrically operated vibro motors are foxed in parallel direction in vibrating feeders. what is the direction of both vibro motors?


what is parellel power factor correction?


how to test the electrical panel.ht lt mcc pcc.


What is mean by STUB protection?


how i chosse capacitor bank if my energy meter is 48 kvr? tell me capacitor bank chossen formula?


What is mean by spike arrester(Voltage Operated)


How o select the electrical fuse?.What are its characteristics.How to select the material od fuse?


Comparision of Air break circuit breaker, SF6 Circuit breaker and vacuum circuit breaker.




Why using synchronising methed in DG's sets?