Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Please explain open transition and closed transistion system in Star delta Starter?and also the state difference of both?

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what is the question paper model for section engineer in RRB



Can a 5 core cable one end with a 32A 3p+N+E plug and the other end 32A 3p+E be used on a generator?

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What is the use of Isolation Transformer, and Neutral is using for return path, finally this current is going.... but same time the voltage of the neutral should be below 1 V...

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Dear All, Pls let me know about ELR.... CBCT is using for singnal purpose... How it works.. any body can explain pls.......

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What do you mean by linear and bilateral network?

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if the HR asked to me., you have got 92% in higher secondary but got only 72% in engg whats the reason??what should i have to say ..please help me..

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why making capacity is more than breaking capacity?

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what is inrush current in transformer?

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what is electric current

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what is the capital of india

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what is surge suppressor?


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how to write program by ladder logic in case of PLC operation

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how power saving takes place through VFD?

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If i want to build 230kv substation what are the equipments to be installed?

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sir i have cleared the apti test of EIL held on 15th march and my interview will be in new delhi on 2nd june.i will be very much helpful if u help me regarding the type of interview questions comes at EIL.(URGENT.........PLZZZZZZZZZZ...............)




what is the working principle of a DG Set, Alternator, & exiter


how to identify the cable quality and what is flame proof cable


How to calculate multiplying factor of dc energy meter


What happened when capacitor connect series in ac circuit?


what is the differebt between ac and dc fuse?


Who many reason of ignition fail ?


Incoming line 11kv And transformer capacity is 2500kva. Consumption load is 1300A. Then fuse capacity is 11kv line.


what is draiv work


what is meant by directional earth fault and non directional earth fault? describe both.


what is the function of anti pumping relays? what is KVAR? How it is generated in alternator? What is 3rd Harmonics? What is IDMT relay?


How will you justify IR value and Charging voltage of any motor,transformer and Cables.......???? . . . . . . . . Plz tell me any body Baljeet Singh, engineer_89@refiff.com


What is a advantage of Self Reset Lockout ? On Fault breaker get trip & fault no longer exist then self reset lockout how inform us?


Can a generator runs after getting 1st stator earth fault.