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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How can we find out LT UG cable fault (size,from-4*25mm sqr to 4*300mm sqr)? How mani types UG cable faults?


How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft room?

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Why A.C. capacity given in Ton. Ex. - 1.5 Ton

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how to set the time in digital timer ?


wat is the criteria we use the diff. relay ?

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role of europe union in UK safety legistlation (electrical safety)


How can I calculate the fault level of a transformer. 1. If fault is 3phase fault 2. If fault is 1phase fault 3. If fault is 2phase fault Dear all geniouses, can you help me by giving answer. If anybody want to send something then mail me at ""


what is MC 61 relay

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which pump is suitable for home use ?

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can we connect both delta and star to the transformer secondary and for what reason?

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how you configure motorvision relay (L&T make)from DCS



what should we do when the CT secodary gets open? how do we short circuit it? using tester or screw driver? not dangerous?

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What is Earthing?


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how to match 0 -10V with 4 - 20mA

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please tell me the all the spcications of the 100MW 11KV HYDEL POWER PLANT SPECICATIONS


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Tell me about ur past electrical maintanence job


What is the operating principle of turbo-generator.


electrical ques


what is zinc diffusion?


Why you want to join non technical field when you are an engineer?


During regenerative breaking= A rotating magnetic field is reversed B slip is positive C torque is positive D slip is negative


The slip during plugging operation is given by= A 1-s B 2+s C 1+s D 2-s


How to select a transformer group to connect a 0,433 KV generation with 33 KV grid in bi directional flow of current


what is the effect of higher value of GD???


why Lightening Arrester Probe sharp at Top of telecom tower.


Calculate torque developed by the 3-phase, 5 H.P., 4 pole induction motor runs at 1500 rpm A 23 N-m B 21 N-m C 10 N-m D 0 N-m


will there be any problem by recovering slip from single phase induction motors?


What happen Grid EARTH plat got cut.


Is a 300w induction motor used in a food processor as powerful as a 1000w DC motor.


In which of the following case, the rotating magnetic field is reversed? A regenerative breaking B plugging C dynamic breaking D forward motoring