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How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft

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How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft room?..

Answer / dnyaneshwar mahindrakar

1 TR window AC coveres area of 100 sq feet . So to cover
area of 200 sq feet window ac should be 2 tr.

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How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft room?..

Answer / prakash veer singh

Its depend on heat dispassion in room by equepment and
living person .

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How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft room?..

Answer / utkarsh porwal

according to size & living persons then we decide which AC is perfect suitable for that room

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How to calculate the size of window A.C. for 200 Sq. ft room?..

Answer / lokesh ranjith

if there is no heating load one tone is enough

usually 3.5KW=1tr & 200sqft=1tr

so only one TR is enough

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