Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the location of lighting switch of battery room

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how many percent setting of motor over load relay of its full load current

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i want to do a project on PLC.... please give me an idea.....

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what is the diff b/w HP and KW

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how many amps in 1KVA?


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how to amps calculate from 1KVA?

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what is meant by earth fault and how it happens....

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what ll happen to current if two phases get short circuited


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how many amps in 1 KVA? V=440v, PF=0.8 and FREQ=50Hz

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A three phase load, around 4 km away from the 11/0.433KV distribution transformer (Neutral of Transformer is solidily earthed) and consisting of mainly very costly and sensitive electronic equipments is giving trouble due to high voltage difference between neutral and body earth. Whether this problem can addressed by connecting neutral at the load point solidly to earth?

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On load tap changer (OLTC) explode? Transformer Vector group: Ynd11 Rated Power: 353MVA Rated Current: 693A Voltage:294/20KV OLTC Type: T III Y1000 110/c 12193w Max Operation Current: 295A Step Voltage: 550V Arrangement in Tx windings: Y Connection Problem: Damage of Unit 1 Generator Transformer On Load Tap Changer (OLTC) Description of Incident: 9.00 a.m. :- Generator No Load test on excitation system started 10.30 a.m :- Carried out AVR change over test 11.30 a.m :- Preparation for Generator Manual Synchronizing test 12.00 a.m :- Manual Synshronizing test started. Observed incoming generator voltage higher than running voltage. CECR operator operated Generator Transformer OLTC to bring down the incoming generator voltage 12.03 a.m :-Generator Transformer abnormal alarm operated at Gen.Control Desk (CECR) CECR operater at Generator transformer bay informed that the transformer oil splashed out from OLTC. CECR operater informed that he heard explosion inside OLTC. Observed Oil level & Oil Flow alaram operated at Tranformer local annunciator. 12.05 am :- CECR operator 'Open Gen Field Breaker” 12.10 a.m. :- Elec1 team inspected the OLTC and found the OLTC rupture disk was broken and oil spilled at OLTC area. - Elec1 found the OLTC top cover bulging. Do anyone know why and possibility cause happen in this OLTC.

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Is it posssible to obtain the higher speed(3000rpm) for adiferentiallly cascaded induction motors(with 8 and 6 poles)

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what deffrence between KW $ KVA ?

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why transformer rated in KVA not in KW ? we know that W= v*i

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What do you mean by Frame 5 Gas Turbine as well as Mark II.


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I have a current transformer with 1 main reading meter with transformer outside the building and a control panel having 5 CT reading meters with black round coils inside the building. I want to know, A) when current pass through the Transformers, will the current be reduced or be the same and after that B) when current pass through the CT meters with black round coils, will the current be reduced or be the same. C) in the above process will the reading of the main meter be same or different, from the total reading of all the 5 CT meters.




what does vector group Dyn11 tell us? also tell me how will u differentiate between phase lead and phase lag thru this vector group


For overhead protection we use which transformer?


what is proper capacitor placement? How to evaluate capacitor size?


How test for Ddo vector group test condition?


what is dry and wet frequency withstand voltage? why & where it is used??


How to check the LM324 Ic


how to know the diffrential relay setting of 06mva step- down (delta-star)transformer?


which network topology offers the greatest level of tolerance?


Why transformer used in UPS??


what is the difference between dropout fuse and horn gap fuse. how to choose between them


gas turbine genrator reactances


what is active power & reactive power?