Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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i m electrical diploma holder i want to do plc $ Scada some body tell me which insitute is best for me near chandigarh


i ha done my 10th with 71% ,ITI with 81% 11th with 75% 12th 43% apprentiship with 71% in SAT i secure 1390 ,TOEFL 27 i was refused four times and in all me interview visa officar told that i am not Qualify for study in USA but i completed my 12th yes i got low persentage in my 12th but i seen to much student they already got visa with them 3 or 4 backlocs so why they are refused me ?


why neutral used in three phase motor connection?


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Is it possible to power factor more than unity?


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why neutral can not used in three phase motor connection?


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What will hapen if we run generator below 47.6hz frequency?


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low frequency protection why recomend?


what happen if position of GNA and MNA is changed in machine?

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what is the means of dedicate earthing?

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what are the main parts of DG? explian thier functions?

Vizag Steel, Tyco, Tata DoCoMo, Apollo Power,

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Why MS rod or flat are used in stead of GI rod or flat in switchyard earth mat ?

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Why arc quenching is used in Diode ?


what is effect of brush shift in machine?

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what is surge impedance loading and it's significant in power system?

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will we get shock from dc?


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what are the factors to be considered while design the breaker either HT or LT??


what are factors to be consider in electrical installation like load factor,diversity factor .....


Can any body tell me about INNER SHUNT COMPOUND MOTOR diagram?


This is reqd for a 1MW Solar power plant..We have 2DC outputs from the solar panels Connected to 2INVERTOR panels.. Output from invertor is 3ph,280v,500kva,50hz.These are connected to individual ACB.This has to be stepped up to 11KV ,1250KVA SYSTEM.Now can I use (1) one more ACBTO GIVE A COMBINED OUTPUT OF 1000KVA,280V & STEP UP THE OUTPUT BY USING a single two winding 3 ph transformer 11kv/1250kva. or (2)use the two outputs and connect to one three winding transformer of above rating..Pls suggestwith details.


How to justify this statement ??? "Capacitors in series provide less capacitance but higher voltage breakdown rating for the combination"


What is the form name of 'c' license, I want to download in web


sir iam a 3rd yr eee student.no core company comes for recruitment to our college.my aim is to be placed in l and t.tell me the procedures.


how we decide scurt (disc) of insulator with respect to kv rating


why don't we use the generator as a motor? and what will happen?


2. What are the parameters of EHT sub-station?


Define the term factor of inertia.


How to synchronization will be done between two DGs ?


my UPS suddenly goes off and all panel light also blow off.This happens even main electric supply is not interrupted.After some time it automatically starts functioning normally.Batteries are new.


How to select the cable and voltage drop in circuit?


how was your last weekend.