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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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i m electrical diploma holder i want to do plc $ Scada some body tell me which insitute is best for me near chandigarh


i ha done my 10th with 71% ,ITI with 81% 11th with 75% 12th 43% apprentiship with 71% in SAT i secure 1390 ,TOEFL 27 i was refused four times and in all me interview visa officar told that i am not Qualify for study in USA but i completed my 12th yes i got low persentage in my 12th but i seen to much student they already got visa with them 3 or 4 backlocs so why they are refused me ?


why neutral used in three phase motor connection?


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Is it possible to power factor more than unity?


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why neutral can not used in three phase motor connection?


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What will hapen if we run generator below 47.6hz frequency?


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low frequency protection why recomend?


what happen if position of GNA and MNA is changed in machine?

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what is the means of dedicate earthing?

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what are the main parts of DG? explian thier functions?

Apollo Power, Tata DoCoMo, Tyco, Vizag Steel,

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Why MS rod or flat are used in stead of GI rod or flat in switchyard earth mat ?

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Why arc quenching is used in Diode ?


what is effect of brush shift in machine?

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what is surge impedance loading and it's significant in power system?

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will we get shock from dc?


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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

why starting current is high and resistance is almost 0 during the starting of motor dc motor...?


What is the function of Governor in Hydro Power Station? What is the Function of Lightning Arrestor Voltage Transformer (LAVT)?


i want to learn control schedule for 11kv panel? can any one send the detailed control schedule?


how was your last weekend.


11kV capacitor bank of rating 2.4KVAR, is charged with protective relays of only over current & Earth fault &.......without Over Voltage, Under Voltage & Neutral Displacement Relay. Is it advisable??


Explain (in simple ) - root mean square. whats its role in electrical fundamandal.where its used


What are the protection required for Transformer, motor, Line, Generator, capacitor, that all i have to refer which standard?(Like Transformer detail IS 2026)


what's the exact magnitude of current, flows through Neutral?


How to test the vector group of a Yd11 transformer? what are the relations to be checked between various vectors to confirm this vector group?


What is the distance between each insulator in 33kv transformer and how can it calculate


i m doing DEEE in part time,can i join regular cources in BE,,IF i join what the cources can i select like (civil,ece,IT) ,,kindly advice


why ahould you show client/engineer activities clearly on the project plan


how can service sitting be setted for MCCB?Example for sittings IR (CURRENT RATING),IS(CURRENT STARTING) I O (current operating)?


A generating system will have a total capacity of 300 MW. Find the probable forced outage when the capacity is supplied by two 150 MW units. The operating probability of all units is P=0.98 and forced outage probability rate Q =0.02 .


Why we used 690V in ACS 800 drives.Why dont use standard voltage like 415v or 1.1Kv