Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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i m electrical diploma holder i want to do plc $ Scada some body tell me which insitute is best for me near chandigarh


i ha done my 10th with 71% ,ITI with 81% 11th with 75% 12th 43% apprentiship with 71% in SAT i secure 1390 ,TOEFL 27 i was refused four times and in all me interview visa officar told that i am not Qualify for study in USA but i completed my 12th yes i got low persentage in my 12th but i seen to much student they already got visa with them 3 or 4 backlocs so why they are refused me ?


why neutral used in three phase motor connection?


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Is it possible to power factor more than unity?


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why neutral can not used in three phase motor connection?


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What will hapen if we run generator below 47.6hz frequency?


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low frequency protection why recomend?


what happen if position of GNA and MNA is changed in machine?

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what is the means of dedicate earthing?

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what are the main parts of DG? explian thier functions?

Vizag Steel, Tyco, Tata DoCoMo, Apollo Power,

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Why MS rod or flat are used in stead of GI rod or flat in switchyard earth mat ?

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Why arc quenching is used in Diode ?


what is effect of brush shift in machine?

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what is surge impedance loading and it's significant in power system?

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will we get shock from dc?


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Advantages of using generator circuit breaker (GCB) scheme in a power station ?


What is the loss of power of transformer 220kv/33kv,63/80mva of % imp12.05 at 80%load


with 3 phase board on a 63 amp rcd is it ok to have 6 electrical showers 2 on each phase and what problems could happen


iam using DM 3251 voltmeter(1 percent accuracy)for 11KV system PT ratio is 11KV/110V.can anybody explain what is the max and min voltage deviation.


what is the difference between transformer,converter and transducer


i will applied in 1U-1W on 440 volt primary delta side. what is the result of magtic balance test


The armature of shunt dc motor has 0.8ohm resistance and motor is to run on 120V circuit.If motor is suddenly thrown on circuit while armature at standstill then current drawn by motor will be??Also back emf in normal running is 110V


i have faced a problem in ro plant grunfos make bm30type pump it is 22kw pump. We start this pump using siemens 3rw 4423-ibc44, 30kw softstarter but this soft starter will frequently failier so we planed to change dol starter. So pls tell anybudy its possible or not.


what will happen if there is a voltage leakage or current leakage in an electrical train


what is the purpose of bypass mode in energy lighting transformer?


Can any answer me ,What will be the range of C.T coil for L&T energy meter EM301 used for 180 kva DG set


hi, in the event earth grounding is not available in a project, is there any other way to make the elcb work? fyi, i have an instant water heater (6.5kw) installed, however if there is grounding in the heating element inside the heater assembly, i will get grounded. thank you in advance to those who will answer my question.


what is difference between 5A and 100A CT constructional wise and operation?


what are the ''pitting rings''and how cn they be controlled in a series generator


state the working of discharge lamp?