Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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If the characteristic Impedance is equal to load Impedance then…… a) voltage will be increased b) power transmission is zero c) …… d) max. power is transmission to load

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The normal highest generated voltage in India is a) 6.6KV b) 132KV c) 11KV

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The corona effect is more in a) summer b) winter c) dry weather d) humidity weather


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ynchronous M/C with under excitation with reactive power absorption , acts as a) synch. Motor b) synch gen c) synchr capacit

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Why size of HT cable is less then LT cable inspite of the fact that voltage is higher in HT cable?


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How will I know that how many batteries I should connect to my UPS unit?

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A 25MVA 3300/400V T/F is termed as per winding is …… a) primary 3300V & Secondary 400V b) primary 3300V & low voltage winding 400V c) High voltage winding 3300V & Secondary 400V d) High voltage winding 3300V & low voltage winding 400V

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Buchholz relay is used ………. a) protection T/F b) oil T/F c) Air core T/F

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Resistor switching is used in which type Circuit Breaker ? a) oil filled CB b) Air blast CB c) Gas filled CB

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In EHV tranm. The conductors are …….. a) Cu roads b) Cu bars with Si c) Cu tube with Si plate

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the max. power will be transferred if …… a) sending end vol. is high b) receiving end v is high c)…….. d) corona loss is least

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Moving Iron instruments are applicable with a) DC only b) AC only c) DC & AC

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. The string effcy in AC sys is 80% Then for same power, the string effcy in dc sys is a) less than 80% b) 80% c) more than 80% d) zero

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The temperature rise in the sys, which leads to ….. a) Increases stress& length b) increases stress but decreases length c) Decreases stress & increase length d) decrease stress & length

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According to underground cables a) stress b/w sheath & conductor is high b) inrush of core & conductor

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How to calculate that clean water supply in one Day from 150 KLD STP?


Bimetal strip used in overload relay what is that,which types of material used for that & percentage.


how can i get the formula to find out the cable size if i know the load of main fuse protection.


what is accuracy ? in any meters , coils accuracy . how can u defined that ?


What Maximam Gap Taibaar & Bush


IN dc capacitive reactance is??


Explain with example of functional requirements of protection relay in terms reliability, selectivity, sensitivity


What is rms value wher it is used??????????


hi every body i am master student in control engineering and my project is slip control in trains i assumed a Dc motore as traction motor but i don't have characteristics of this kind of motor that is used in train. i want from every body if he or she has the characteristics or information about Dc motor that is used in train give me those information or technical characteristics .


Can Anyone suggest the Standards (IEC or IS) for selecting copper current density?


How will calculate losses in an multi core Aluminium LT cable of different sizes & upto what length we can use a LT Cable ?


sir, what is the importance of Fault MVA. how to calculate fault mva of 33kv substation connected by 6.5 km line(single circuit with equal spacing) with 110/11kv transformer in 110kv susbstation.the fault mva on 11 kv bus in 110kv susbstation is 208mva.


At the starting of dc motor and syn.motor and induction motor high current flowing through the winding. Due to this the windings burnt out. To avoid this different types of starters are used. But incase of transformer what Will be used (At starting no emf is induced in the primary winding)?


How to measure size of cable on a given load


Why can't we parallel the secondary circuits of two voltage transformers?