Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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name the famous power plants present in A.P

Power Grid,

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Form fator is the ratio of?

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what is meant by bus bar and outgoing/incoming breaker in an electrical/electronic circuit

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Distribution Transformer are connected in configuration? a. Star/delta b. delta/star c. star/star d. delta/delta

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the power loss in an overloaded line is mainly due to? a. resistance b. capacitance d. inductance d. none

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voltage at generation stage is usually- ? a.11kv b.33kv c.66kv d.220kv

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resistance switching is used in case of- ? a. air blast CB b. bulk oil CB c. minimum oil CB d. all types of CB


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campared to ac, in dc corona loss is


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In a single phase converter, the no. of SCR conducting during overlap? a.1 b.2 c. 3 d. 4

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In a three-phase full converter, output voltage pulsates at frequency of a. f b. 2f c. 3f d. 6f

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In a three-phase full converter, every SCR conducts for a.60deg. b. 120deg. C.180deg. d.90deg

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In which connection the distribution T/F is connected? a) ▲ / Y b) Y / ▲ c) ▲ / ▲ d) Y / Y

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Comparing to AC transmission, corona & R in DC transmission is……. a) lower b) higher c) same

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To transmit the Power which must be present…? a) Reactance b) Resistance c) Capacitance d) none of above


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i have some screw comprressor with 630kw power,i have established them with simple star to delta circuit,by the way there is so much inertia when the screw comprressors start, can you offer me contactors power with 400vac or any cataluge to choose the contactors


what are pilot cells


how we do Vector group ,magnetic balance and tap changer test in Transformer?


What happens if the Capacitive Voltage Transformer Primary neutral is not earthed. There is a CVT between Transformer and source, and the CVT neutral of the transformer is not earthed, does it effect the transformer while charging or does it effect the transformer charging process.


what happens to the water pump if ground water level is slowly decreasing?our water pump is varying from no-load full-load due to this problem


what is reactive power?, why its measured in VA ? is it transient behavior of system?


I have 2 KW electric water heater.I am gonna use it in controlling water temp.so I needed to increase or decrease the heating capacity.is there any electrical-electronic circuit for varying the resistance & so current?


what is thermal resistance of PVC Cable.


How is The split core current transformer working ?


what is the question paper model for section engineer in RRB


how do you test tachos and servos


What is the meaning of utility ground and clean ground? How the distribution panel is grounded?


can i connect the two phases of scott connected transformer,if not why?


In the formula : Knee point voltage = Burden X alf / class, Please inform what is alf? regards Shashidhar M.R.


what happened when we supply a dc current in dc motor?? can it worked properly?