Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what purpose of the percentage impendance in transformer

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what is the full form of MEMO? name of memo train.


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Is potential difference materials property ..? if yes tnen how.. explain brifly.


how to calculate the mf of kwh meter,if ct the ratio on meter is 100/5A

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Generally in d.c. circuits the direction of current is from possitive to negative.In a.c.circuits what is the direction fo current flow

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1. what type of winding of slip ring ac induction motor rotor and why. 2. how the heating element use in two phase (415 volt)and what rating of element, you prefered.

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what objective books are good for preparing for PSU's?


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how the magnetic flux is said to be rotating & alternating?

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Whether the vacuum contactor requires Short circuit protection?If No,why?



Why Lightning arrester used? Can we use piece of iron as a core material of transformer, if No, why? In CRGOSS material what is meaning of cold rolled grain oriented? Why Impegrenation of Transformer is done? Properties of Insulator? what is phase angle? Testing of transformers (Routine & Monthly)?


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can i have the methods of speed controls for 3 phase AC MOTORS.

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what is circuit recombiner and how it is different from circuit breaker


what is the function of anti-pumping in circuit breaker?

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what the purpose of protection signaling equipment in substation?

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ho w to make Incident and accident reporting

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what is the difference between gas group b and gas group c electrical equipment construction wise?


How much load can take a 16 mm aluminum cable 3 phase


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In an ACB shunt trip coil and undervoltage coil operated normally( breaker open and charged). But closing coil not operating untill manually discharge and recharging. Any help.


Explain Circuit Breaker Trip Characteristics in detail.


On a 6 KVA UPS we have to provide a DC MCB for Battery bank of 16 nos (12 V 42 AH). What Shall be the current rating of DC MCB ?


how to measure winding resistance of single phase motor?


What are the insulation standerds for eg H clase and how many insulation standerds are there and its standerds??????


What is shunt voltage and u v voltage witch one best


How many different speeds can be obtained in cascade control of two induction motors?


what is W.T?specify the acceptable range?


What is domestic transformer? Draw the connection of domestic transformer.


if the motor rated speed is 950rpm. how to change the above rated speed? is it possible?


The Howland current source produces a A Unidirectional floating load current B Bidirectional single-ended load current C Unidirectional single-ended load current D Bidirectional floating load current


I have a small system with two motors that are running on 380 vac, 60 hz. These motors are expensive and I usally get them from Brazil. I am adding another motor to the system, but I want to purchase a 480 vac, 60 hz motor to use. It will be on a VFD that is rated fro 380 thru 480. Is this posible and will I have to use a larger motor and derate it?